Hummin’ a l’il summin, smokin’ a l’il summin.

A dope track for The Guide to

Smoke to

Roll through

The #CityofGold to.” – looseleaf

Hummin’ – Marley Marl feat. Roy Ayers 

This song is track 12 off the 2001 album Re-entry produced by Mr. Marl for, and published by Barely Breaking Even. BBE is a UK based record label. The album was produced as part of BBE’s Beat Generation Series initiated in 2001 with J-Dilla’s – Welcome to Detroit reaching the end of it’s life path with Madlib The Beat Konducta’s contribution to the series: WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and King Britt contributed to this series. The Grand Daddy Creep, Spoek Mathambo [@SPOEK_MATHAMBO] released the debut album Mshini Wam’ on this label.

The Beat Generation Series is a producer led series that features some of the finest in the industry. From old skool legends like Pete Rock and Marley Marl to those making their mark today like Jay Dee, DJ Spinna & King Britt.

The series continues to receive recognition. BBE was the only independent label to have an album nominated with Jay Dee’s ‘Welcome 2 Detroit’ for the 2001 Artist Achievement Award, the American equivalent to the British Mercury Award.

Two names from which one will most definitely benefit from becoming familiar with:

Marley Marl

Distinguished Gentleman.

Distinguished Gentleman.

Be your own personal Guide. Learn yourself a little something something.

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Roy Ayers3rd Eye

Ubiquitous Vibrations

Ubiquitous Vibrations

Ubiquitous Vibrations – The Guide digs the vibe. Vibrate higher.

A short course syllabus.

Study long, study strong.

Across Space & Time The BlackStar Galactica

Across Space & Time The BlackStar Galactica connect I with INI

“The Guide guides

The Universe provides.

Everything is Becoming.

Everything thrives.” – looseleaf


For The Record: Soul Clap

Deep. House. Music!!!!! Nice interview guys. Diggin’ that straight talk. BigUps!

Those that don’t know, these guys do best with music blogging:


A Celebration of the Art form. A Celebration of Music

The Guide

For The Record


We are just over a week away from a much anticipated visit by Soul Clap. Eli and Charles were kind enough to have a chat to us, and we asked them a few things.

So, first trip to South Africa. Is this your first AFRICAN adventure as well? 

Yeah, our first trip to South Africa, but we’ve played in Tunisia before

Looking forward to leaving this cold ass United States and coming over to warm ass South Africa.

What have you heard about this ‘neck of the woods’ …

We first heard about South Africa from Louie Vega, who told us that the [deep] house scene down in RSA was really big and then we also heard from Till Von Sein and Daniel [Trickski] that it’s a spot we definitely need to check out. From there we got in contact with the guys down your side and this trip was…

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The Blunt Smoker’s Guide To: Indivisuality

It was coined by my friend Khobe-One-Kanobi” – IndivisualMax

I know this guy Max. He’s an Indivisual. I’m like what the fuck is an Indivisual? He gave me an answer. It’s hidden in the text, like many other things. How did I find out? I asked a question?

The Blunt Smoker’s Guide:

Tell us a bit of who Indivisual Max is and what he’s all about?


Max The Indivisual

Max The Indivisual

IndivisualMax is a social entrepreneur with a a passion for music and entertainment, a UJ business and marketing graduate.


You’ve worked with quite a few well-known artists , who and why?


I basically pick my artists and DJ’s based on current appeal in the industry. Some of these include: The Layders [Soul Candi], Yesterday’s PupilThe Fridge,

Zaki Ibrahim

Zaki Ibrahim #seen

Zaki Ibrahim



DJ Vigilante

DJ Vigilante

Cassper NyovestDJ VigilanteiFani Jab a JawJust Themba

… to name a few.


The last time we spoke you said you were done, finished, out the game. What changed?


I had just come from gig that didn’t really work out and thought maybe it’s time to move on … but the passion for what I do is a lot stronger than I thought; hence why I keep at it.


Nice. What can people expect from an IndivisualMax production?


 I always pick a selection of DJ’s that that play different but relative styles of music. This ranges from Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Break Beats, Neo-Soul and Electro, so there’s always something for everyone.


What drives IndivisualMax?


I get pleasure from seeing people come together and partying and having a good time, that’s what drives me.


How did you decide on the name IndivisualMax?


It was coined by my friend Khobe-One-Kanobi, meaning an independent visual, and of course my name is Max. we were also patriots of the indie music scene back in the day.


Patriots of the indie music scene? How do you say? How long have you been in this game?


At first I was just another guy at a party who was friends with a lot of DJ’s, and because of this I took it upon myself to use the contacts I had made to launch myself. It’s been about 5 years.


Anything special planned for this Saturday?


Just a wicked performance from SA’s newest Hip Hop sensation, also a sick, diverse DJ line-up.


Final question. If you were Bill Cosby doing a cameo slot on Sesame Street, what would you say to the kids?

Indivisual Cosby

Indivisual Cosby


Relax, I’ve got this!







So IndivisualMax is throwing down this weekend at your favourite bar: Kitchener’s Carvery.

Here’s what they said on the interwebs where I found the event:

“Multi award-winning SA hip hop artist Cassper Nyovest performs for the 1st time at Kitchener’s Carvery. He brought you ‘Gusheshe’ feat okmalumkoolkat and now his latest hit single ‘Doc Shebeleza’ with over 50,000 downloads. Winner of song of the year, best single, video of the year at last year’s SA hip-hop awards.”

Doc Shebeleza

Doc Shebeleza

Check out the gig.

Peace. ONE.

The Guide.

The Blunt Smoker’s Guide To: Being in the Love

An introspective and an interview with Sello Ditjoe of TuesLove

“Love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection” – TuesLove

“Love is the vibe.
Super superb.”– SunSoul

“Love is a verb
Flowing as blood
Singing as birds
Rising as smoke
Burning as herbs.
Love Be.” – looseleaf

Seems that it is the time, again, of the year to show some love to the people we love.  And it feels strange because its so heavily contrasted against all the P. D. A’s (public displays of animosity) being expressed across the social and mainstream media symptoms of the psyche of our society brought  about due the State of the Natives/ation Address [#SONA2014] fever sweeping the country.

But there are people out there making plans with their significant others so as to demonstrate their ‘love’.  Remember that ole sayin’ “You can’t buy love’? Consider how much money is being spent this Valentines Day and then come tell me what everybody is trying to buy.

The experience of Love is found neither in the consumption of things, nor the mere uttering of words, nor the going through of motions solicited as acceptable by the splintered psyche we know as society.

“Love is a verb.” – @ImaliUnlimited

One should ask OneSelf, “What does Love do?” Find out, then do that.

The Prophet gives a few hints:

 “Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; for Love is sufficient unto Love.” – Kahlil Gibran, On Love

“Love has no other desire but to fulfil itself.” – Kahlil Gibran, On Love

Love is active. It is in action, being Love, that Love is expressed.

Being a lover of Love. I sought to witness a genuine expression of Love.  What I found, and what I am experiencing now is someone who is expressing Love, from a place of Love, for the Love.

I found Sello Ditjoe. I found TuesLove. I asked for nothing but him, I gave him nothing but me. This is what we got. This is what I am sharing with you.


The Blunt Smoker’s Guide

Tell us a bit about the brand TuesLove. What inspired the creation of it and what is its purpose?

The Brand

The Brand


Who is a Tuesday Lover? 

A Tuesday Lover is a creative culture conscious being who loves all things eclectic. This inspired me to create a holistic brand that encompasses ‘alternative cultures’ in JHB, DBN & CPT and can both be a one stop shop (eShop & gift shop) but a magazine journal in the form of a web portal and print. Thus, Tuesday Love is a retrospective documentation of different design disciplines from Architecture & Interior, Fashion & Textile, Graphic design & Art, Photography & Film and Industrial Design in relation to Music. This is narrated in the form of film documentaries, journals, articles, graphic design, illustration, photography and events.


Now tell us about the man behind the brand?

The Man Behind

The Man Behind the Brand


I’m a humble creative being, an advertising fanatic, a dj & record collector of all things eclectic and a Serial Entrepreneur. Eager to learn new things and work on new mediums all the time. … and I have come to learn silence is music too and possessing the constitution the depth of faith you can take things as far as needed. Design for Life – Embedding Innovation in Design Thinking!


What can the masses expect in 2014?



This year I plan to come out some products which I hope to launch in June this year. This will be the biggest I ever taken. I cannot share details but it’s about to do with Lifestyle Design.


What are you listening to currently? What’s the hot shit on your playlist?



A lot of Jazz is always on my dial either discovering old stuff or looking a new artists. But then again loving the electronic soul sounds by James Blake and Alt-J … and John Wizard interesting sound. BUT I’m looking for more. McCoyTyner is my new jazz discovery. And bumping a lot of Herbie Tsoaeli & Bokani Dyer … and without fail no matter what every week Jose James is always in my playlist.


Who is doing exciting stuff in your field? Nationally? Globally?


Don’t know about who is doing the best work but what’s popping and what I like … I think the I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU crew – Innocent, Vuyo, Justice are doing some solid work and Jonathan Liebmann with Maboneng Precinct project. 

Robert Lindström, Switzerland. Has always been my inspiration and has always pushed boundaries. That’s where I would like to get to and beyond.


Who inspires you?



My Family. Also people who live towards maintaining some sort of eclectic lifestyles and project galactic energies and do extra-ordinary things.


What inspires you?


LIFE – The thrill of the seeing the end product! (The idea is to try not to get caught up in the process)

Fish Out Of Water.


You also went out of your way to hook us up here at The Blunt Smoker’s Guide with a special Valentine’s Day inspired Love Mix. The Guide digs the vibe. Very much so, so Thank you very much. All the people who make it this far in the article will get a pleasant surprise. Awe_H.

Thank you very much Sello AKA Sellotapes AKA FONKnoid AKA Black Valentine. Much Love. One. Peace.

Follow the links below for more information and to stay up to date with the TuesLove vibration.


twttr: @_TuesDayLove_

twttr: @youngblklight